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Some years ago, OHFI purchased a ¾ acre plot of land in Mafudu, Uganda, with the intention of building a few rooms and providing agricultural training. The land is close to a road and has good access to water.
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Unfortunately, due to a number of local challenges, the project could not be started. However, thanks to the perseverance and commitment of the local community who have formed the Mafudu Land Committee, and our long term partner Pastor John Williams of the Kalapata Baptist Church (in Kwarikwar, nearby) we have now been able to move forward with supporting this community.

We are still looking for funding to build the classroom, but in the meantime an initial project has started. For the next two seasons, twelve families will be taught more resilient farming practices, and will be provided with seeds and tools. We are so pleased to know that despite the bumpy start, the food security of more than forty children in Mafudu has already started to improve. This is just the beginning!

We would especially like to thank John Fleck of Waikanae, and our founder Ewen Laurenson, who have driven this work on our behalf.

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