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Some years ago, OHFI purchased a ¾ acre plot of land in Mafudu, Uganda, with the intention of building a few rooms and providing agricultural training. The land is close to a road and has good access to water.
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Unfor­tu­nately, due to a number of local chal­lenges, the project could not be started. However, thanks to the per­se­ver­ance and com­mit­ment of the local com­mu­nity who have formed the Mafudu Land Com­mit­tee, and our long term partner Pastor John Williams of the Kala­p­ata Baptist Church (in Kwarik­war, nearby) we have now been able to move forward with sup­port­ing this community.

We are still looking for funding to build the class­room, but in the mean­time an initial project has started. For the next two seasons, twelve fam­i­lies will be taught more resilient farming prac­tices, and will be pro­vided with seeds and tools. We are so pleased to know that despite the bumpy start, the food secu­rity of more than forty chil­dren in Mafudu has already started to improve. This is just the beginning!

We would espe­cially like to thank John Fleck of Waikanae, and our founder Ewen Lau­ren­son, who have driven this work on our behalf.

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