HANNAH project, Romania

Hope And Nurture (HANNAH) works in Târgu Mureș in Romania. The goal of this project is to strengthen families and communities, enabling them to provide loving and safe care for their children.

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HANNAH was founded in 2010 by Alice and Ken Winter from New Zealand, and operates through a partnership agreement with Open Home Foundation International (NZ) and Christian Endeavour (Romania).

HANNAH supports:

  • The employment of a local Social Worker.
  • Training in the care and protection of vulnerable children.
  • Home visits.
  • Family reintegration of children who have been institutionalised.
  • Parenting skills education.
  • Life skills: hygiene, food preparation, household responsibilities, support for social and physical challenges.
Current Projects:

LEAP (Life skills, Education, and Arts Programme)

We are raising funds to develop and implement this programme to provide for the children we currently support. This programme includes:

  • Education and life skill training.
  • Trauma related music and art therapy.
  • Health needs (medicine, dentistry, and eye tests).
  • Community experience excursions.

Community Care Programme

This new community programme provides home-based care and protection training for family members/guardians who have become responsible for children who did not live with them previously. The programme includes:

  • Liaising with schools, homework support, and individual education plans.
  • Education/support for parents on how to relate and care for the children, including an understanding of the effects of trauma and institutionalisation.
  • Health needs for other family members.

Give to OHFI work in Romania

Your donation to OHFI’s work in Romania is deeply appreciated. Our work spans: LEAP (Life skills, Education, and Arts Programme), in which your donation can help support this broad-based education programme for children that OHFI supports through HANNAH; and the Community Care Programme, in which your donation can help support parents and caregivers look after their children.