OHFI in Manipur, North-East India

Manipur was where OHFI’s work first began, in 1991, when there was a desperate need for community training and support.

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The work in Manipur first emerged out of a request from our Manipur Directors, Pastor Athang Touthang and Mariam Touthang for training in the care and protection of vulnerable children, and assistance in helping families break out of a cycle of poverty and ignorance.

Manipur has a recent history of tribal and political conflicts. There are many isolated and hard to reach communities in the rural areas.

Through OHFI North-East India, we support:

  • Community empowerment and sustainability programmes.
  • Social work support for vulnerable children.
  • Training in the care and protection of children.
  • Educational opportunities for children.
  • Adult education in life and work skills.
  • Micro-enterprise development.
  • Health clinics, pregnancy care, and under 5’s health care in isolated hill villages.
  • The provision of water tanks and piping.
  • The building of a primary school in Walpabung village.
  • The building and development of PMA College in Kangpokpi to provide primary and secondary education.
  • Provision of boarding facilities so children from remote areas can attend school.
  • Food security projects, including the development of fish farms and orchards.
  • Protection of children from exploitation, child labour, trafficking ,and child marriages.
  • Covid-19 relief (food and hygiene packs).
Current Projects:

Walpabung Drinking Water Project

The remote village of Walpabung is a two hour walk from the nearest road.  OHFI has had a long association with the Walpabung community, including building a school, supporting the villagers to grow crops, and providing medical clinics and social work care.
More than ten years ago, OHFI donors funded the construction of a piped water connection from the neighbouring hills back to the village, to provide access to water during the dry season between January and May. This changed life in the village. People no longer had the arduous 2km trek across rough and hilly terrain to the river to collect water. Hygiene and sanitation standards increased, leading to a dramatic reduction in illnesses, particularly amongst children and the elderly. Nutrition improved as vegetables could be watered and grown through the season.
The original water tank is now crumbling, and has an insufficient capacity of about 5000 litres. There is an urgent need to install a new tank.

Library Books and Resources

There is approximately one book per five children in the PMA College library, and there are even fewer books available to the primary and pre-school children in Walpabung and the other villages. We want to provide a range of picture books, early readers, chapter books, journals, fiction and non-fiction to encourage the children’s literacy, English language, and general knowledge.

Medical Clinic

Our mobile medical clinic is the only medical care available to most of the people living in the ten hill villages it visits on a monthly basis. The pregnancy care, under 5’s programmes, and child-focused clinics, along with vaccinations and general health care for all community members, have had a tangible impact on health and wellbeing. The medic is able to access many of the villages on the motorbike we were able to provide.



Give to OHFI work in Manipur north east India

Your donation to OHFI’s work in North-East India is deeply appreciated. Our work spans: Walpabung Drinking Water Project, in which your donation can help support a new water tank for this community; Walpabung Library Books and Resources, in which your donation can help stock the library with a range of reading material for children; and our Mobile Medical Clinic, in which your donation can support vital medical care for people of all ages in ten hill villages.