Mafudu, Uganda

OHFI’s work in Mafudu seeks to empower local families by giving them the skills and resources they need to learn sustainable and successful farming practices.

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Mafudu Land Committee

Our partner in Mafudu is the Mafudu Land Committee. In 2009, OHFI purchased a ¾ acre plot of land in Mafudu to build a classroom and provide agricultural training. The land is close to a road, and has good access to water. Unfortunately, we could not start the project for some time due to several local challenges. However, thanks to the local community’s perseverance and commitment, the project began in 2022.


Twelve of the most impoverished families, with more than forty children between them, have been selected as the first group to benefit. For the next two seasons, these families will be taught more resilient farming practices, including an understanding of crop rotations. Participants will also be provided with seeds and tools that are robust and of good quality. After the two seasons, they will use their new knowledge and resources to continue developing the small plots of land they already have. Then the project will begin again with another twelve families.

Current Projects:

Classroom Build

The people of Mafudu struggle with a lack of food security, unemployment, illiteracy, and the impact of high HIV rates. There are low numbers of healthy adults to work, and the impact of plagues, floods, droughts, and climate change means the soil quality has lessened considerably. This means that many people who use traditional agricultural methods are no longer able to grow enough food to feed their families, and to allow for a little extra to sell.

With many challenges around health, education, and the quality of land and tools in Mafudu, it is critical to provide local people with new skills for the longer term, so they can in turn empower their children with the knowledge they need to bring positive change.

OHFI wants to support the community in building a classroom and storeroom. These will be used to teach agriculture courses and to store seeds and tools. The classroom will also be used to teach the training modules in the care and protection of vulnerable children.

Seeds and Tools

Community members all have a reasonable amount of land around their own homes which can be utilised to grow enough to provide good nutrition.  If families are to become self-sufficient, they need to have the tools to implement the knowledge they have gained through the agricultural training program.

Give to OHFI work in Uganda

Your donation to OHFI’s work in Uganda is deeply appreciated. Our work spans: Mafudu Classroom Build, in which your donation can help OHFI to build a classroom and storeroom for seeds, tools, and training; and Mafudu Seeds and Tools, in which your donation can help families become self-sustaining through our agricultural training programme.