Our Work

OHFI is privileged to be involved in improving the lives of vulnerable children through projects across India, Romania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Rwanda. Local people direct the work in each country, assisted by OHFI. We provide support through prayer, finance, training, and ongoing mentoring.

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We provide support through prayer, finance, training, and ongoing mentoring.

“We work, and will work, in communities where other Charities are not present.”

Our work...


We partner with local organisations and communities, focussing on areas where there are no other agencies working.

We know that self-determination is key to the development of sustainable communities which can empower families and vulnerable children. This means that we do not direct solutions, but we walk alongside our partners, providing mentoring to support the implementation of their own initiatives.

Training in the Care and Protection of Children

We work to ensure that wherever possible children grow up nurtured and secure within their own immediate or wider families.

Our internationally-recognised Module-based training empowers communities with the knowledge to support their childrens’ wellbeing.

Working with our partner organisations, our preference is to ‘train the trainers’, so the impact is multiplied. We also provide training to parents, community leaders, carers, and social workers as required.

Community Development

OHFI supports financially sustainable projects or initiatives recommended by local partner organisations, which seek to directly improve the health and education of children in their families and communities.

We use a ‘Community training and support’ model, which adds a multiplier effect, resulting in our reaching more vulnerable children. Under this model, when a family is lifted out of poverty, they pass this same opportunity on to other families, widening the success of the programmes.

OHFI supports a wide range of projects and programmes, including vocational training in sewing and carpentry; farming and agricultural development; animal projects; micro-enterprises; community business projects, food security projects; and water and irrigation projects.

Mentoring and Encouraging

On-going support and encouragement of recipients is essential for the long-term success of OHFI training. It is also crucial for monitoring and supporting development projects.
Our Country Groups and Training Committee work to mentor and encourage leadership and participants.

Through these dedicated groups, we maintain regular communication between OHFI and on-the-ground projects, both from a distance, and through periodic visits to partner organisations.


Education is recognised as the most sustainable pathway out of a life of poverty. Literacy and numeracy are intergenerational, world-changing, life-enriching skills.

We work with our partner communities to provide education to children. This involves supporting the building and resourcing of tuition centres, pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools, and helping to develop projects to sustain costs such as teacher salaries, resources, and school meals.

We also provide life skills and trade training courses for older teenagers and adults.

Medical Clinics

Our medical clinics reach vulnerable and isolated groups. For most people, these clinics are their only source of health care.

We provide preventative and curative care for all age groups, and run dedicated maternity and under-5 clinics.


Regular financial support is always needed to enable OHFI’s work to continue. Here you can find out the different ways in which you can give.


Prayer support is vital for OHFI’s work. Here you can read about the importance of your prayers, and sign up to receive our prayer letter.


There are many ways in which you can volunteer to support OHFI’s work. Find out here how your skills and experience can help us!