Home in Every Way

OHFI has decided upon 'Home In Every Way' as a motto which guides us towards a core purpose of our work. But what does this mean, in its fullest sense?

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Home in Every Way

Because we work in communities which endure hardship in many forms, ‘home’ also comes in many forms for vulnerable children. Often ‘home’ involves a high degree of community input, extended families, blended families, adoption, and/or guardianship.

Home in Every way

Catering for a child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health needs to be the work of a community and team, and so ‘family’ and ‘home’ are flexible and generous concepts.

Home in Every Way

We understand ‘Home In Every Way’ as a term which conveys’ OHFI’s commitment to, and support of, the particular needs of each child, the way in which those needs can be met within their context, and the vital work of building up the surrounding community’s skills and leadership so that they can be part of what home is for every child.


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