ohfi will be sup­port­ing vul­ner­a­ble chil­dren for generations!


What is the Forever Fund?

The Forever Fund is a sustainable funding option for ohfi’ s activities. Contributions to this fund will be responsibly invested on the advice of a registered funds management company. As the investment funds grow, they generate interest, dividends and capital gains which will be used to benefit more vulnerable children in the years to come., while your original gift remains in the fund. Your gift will keep on giving!

But the fund has further benefits….. while some donors may prefer to give anonymously, the Forever Fund offers the option to establish an individually
named donation based on a person’s interest or family name ( eg. The Brown Family Childrens Fund) that can be added to over time by other family members.
Contributors to the Forever Fund or their family members will receive regular Vupdates on how the fund is being used to benefit our partner communities and their children.

It is already happening!

In the last year we received 4 donations to establish the Forever Fund.
After receiving a donation from a lady we will call ‘Mrs Smith’, we asked her to tell us about her decision to support ohfi’ s work in this way.
“It was a big decision for me to sell the family home and move into a retirement village. Now that I am all settled in, I have had a chance to think about the future. My children and grandchildren are all adults and have good lives. Of course I like  to help them out, but having a little extra money from selling my house means I can also help others less fortunate.
I have supported ohfi in the past with small donations. I trust them and think their work is important. I like the idea that I can donate $ 10,000 now and know that it will grow so I can keep helping vulnerable children for generations to come.
My family totally supported me doing this and we decided to call the donation the ’Smith’ Family Fund as this remembers my late husband and also includes our children and grandchildren. One of my daughters has already decided she is going to add $500 to our fund every year on the anniversary of my late husband’s birthday.
I am also pleased that ohfi will keep me up-to-date about how the fund is going and what work it is supporting. I could have waited and put something in my Will, but doing it now means I get to feel involved and can talk to my kids about it.”

 Thank you ‘Mrs Smith’ and family for your generosity.

There are lots of ways to give and any donations are welcome

  • A Living Gift

The most important benefit is, like’ Mrs Smith’ and her family, you are able to see the impact your donation is having. Donations made in this way qualify for a tax rebate of 33 %.

  • Leaving a gift in your Will

Making a Will is a good time to think about the legacy that you want people to remember you by. Leaving a percentage of your estate or a specified sum shows your family how important this cause is to you and keeps them involved with regular updates.

  • In Memory of someone special

Honouring family, friends or someone special with a donation in their name is a way to pay tribute to them and help their legacy live on. There are many ways to do this including gifts from a funeral collection taken in lieu of flowers and in mem repeat donations on their anniversary.

  • Group Giving

Group giving is a gathering of like minded people pooling their resources to collectively contribute to a cause of their choice. Group examples include; friends, churches, clubs, workplaces etc. We are happy to help your particular group to get started.

It’s as easy as:

depositing funds in our bank account ohfi
01 0505 0602787 83
Please include the following information with your donation:
Particulars: Name
Code: Forever fund Donation
Reference: Your phone number
donating via our website
leaving a bequest in your Will
calling us to chat about your needs or to find out
more Ph (+64) 4 830 0565

Each gift to the ohfi Forever Fund helps us to make our vision live on, that:

“Every child in the world will belong to a family and community where they are safe and loved, receive good health care and education, and know that God loves them.”

 Thank you so much for your continuing support