Her micro-enterprise story through the help of Ohfi

My name is Annie, I am 27 I have two chil­dren, and am the guardian of my three young nieces. Life hasn’t been easy for us since we lost our parents.  I promised my sister I would care for her girls but many days I was ashamed that I could not find enough food for them all.

Selling cassava at this stall may seem simple, but for me, it’s been a life­line. With this busi­ness, I’ve been able to put food in the children’s stom­achs and send them to school with bags and books. Even when the weather is bad or I am tired I am happy at my stall, every sale brings happiness.

Start­ing wasn’t easy. I am not well edu­cated and there were times when doubt and uncer­tainty clouded my mind, but I held onto hope. With the train­ing and support pro­vided by Bishop Mark, I learned many things. The other women help me with good ideas and I help them.

I am no longer uncer­tain or ashamed. I can provide for the chil­dren and this fills my heart with joy. They are happy and strong.

I am grate­ful to God for leading me to Ohfi and my new friends.

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